History of the Campaign

In 2018, the Oakwood Schools Foundation engaged the alumni and regional community in an effort to learn about community perception and expectations as it pertained to the Foundation fulfilling its mission. The Arts rose to the top of the collective voice of the participants as a specific need for enhancement. That feedback aligned with independent curricular reviews of Oakwood’s Performing and Visual Arts programs and with the commitment affirmed by Oakwood schools.

Visual arts, band, choir, theater, and orchestra are all top extracurriculars at Oakwood Junior and High school. Because of their popularity, the need for new and renewed art spaces is considerable and undeniable. The plan will directly address these needs by expanding and creating space for the arts as well as enhancing current equipment and space. 

The Performing Arts Wing

Three new spaces for Band, Choir, and Orchestra including practice rooms, storage, and directors’ offices. Each space will be acoustically tuned for its specific purpose. The spaces will be part of a new building with access to Schantz Avenue and Mack Hummon Stadium for ease or transportation of instruments and students.

The Visual Arts Center

Renovated second floor classrooms including an open art gallery with installations celebrating the students’ and community’s art.

Theater Program

An established fund will support improvements to the Auditorium, including audio, visual, and equipment needs for the structure to address its practice and performance needs.

This project will enhance the Arts Education experience for Oakwood students, faculty, parents, and the community at-large as well as provide Oakwood students with the state-of-the-art facilities they need to remain competitive with other area school systems. This will build future appreciation and participation in the arts for generations to come.